Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 1 - Day 2

Man alive, last night  I dreamt about cheating. My husband asked if it was on him, I was like No. Food, I cheat with food.

And you would think that after just one day of dieting, I would have lost all 30kg and would be beautiful and sleek. Alas, the mirror says differently, apparently my back rolls didn't get the memo and are staying for a bit.

Wish me luck, I just need to be good for 15 weeks (holy mother of all that is good and holy, that is a long time) and then I will (cross fingers and toes) have lost 15kg. One kilo a week, is very reasonable, everyone nod their heads. Of course in our heads we are saying, that is way too slow, we need to drop a dress size a week. Sigh.

Exercise would help. Hehe. Ooooo, just remembered I am going for a walk tomorrow with a friend.

Okay, let me pretend to distract myself from food.

Good Luck, May the 4th be with you.

Week 1 - Inspiration for the uninspired

Good Morning Self,

In a world fulled with contradictions, going on diet is wrought with complications, especially if you are like me who has read every possible diet out there. So what are the key things that I have learnt.

1. Calories count.
2. Cereals do not keep me full long enough in the mornings.
3. Sugar makes me very tired and VERY grumpy.
4. Protein is a important part of dieting, it keeps you full for longer and slows your insulin down. ie. you have less spikes.
5. It really is individual - if you like rules, you stick to what they tell you and it works - if, like me, you don't like rules, then you take what you have learnt and make it work for you.
6. Oh and Vegetables! - they are very important.

So now I need to keep these in mind and lose just one kilogram this week. Not so hard, unless you are a rebel like myself, who likes to screw herself over at every opportunity. It's sad but true.

7. Oooo and the new (for me) controversial - only eating once a day. I can only last till about 11:00 AM depending on how tired I am. But there is a certain appeal to only eating once a day and eating a huge 'all-my-calories' meal at once.

8. And exercise - sigh - it's true, it's just good for you.

I find it very strange when I talk to people who find that they eat too much on diets. Maybe I'm just weird, but eating every 3 hours doesn't feel like too much to me. Especially when its just a fruit and tiny yoghurt as a snack - in what world does this touch sides, not in my world. Which is why the Dukan Diet was such a revelation, protein really does help to keep me on track, less hungry, less grumpy. I do get tired, which is why I need to incorporate this into a universal diet for myself.

Food, food, my brain is so sick of thinking about what I eat. Should eat to lose weight. So much talking and no action and I believe in positive action. So positive action is what I need.

Right, I'm hungry again. Need to go and eat - always hungry, sigh.

Good Bye Self, be good today, it's the start of positive action.